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Everything was stolen

On 16 October, my backpack was stolen with all of its contents. It contained my MacBook, camera, lenses, filters, hard drive, and numerous other items. I am a full-time student in my senior year at Portland State University and my wife just finished her college sign language program. We are a cliche family of broke and starving students. I can't possibly hope to replace the items that were taken. They represented 5 years of educational investment and personal commitment, and were stolen right out of the Art Building while I was standing 20 feet away.

I filed a police report immediately. "Find My Mac" tells me that the thief opened my laptop (when it was immediately locked), but, it does not show me where this occurred. There is little hope that the items will be returned, but my education and career depend on them.

This is where you can help. If you feel so inclined, you can voluntarily buy this wallpaper and name your own price.

I'd like to help:

Like I said, though. This wallpaper is completely free. You can also download the iPhone 4 version right here. I really hope you like it. I also have an etsy store, and I hope you like the designs over there.

A huge thank you to the good folks at The Lucky Labs for helping me set up this site (and for being generally wonderful). And thank you, random stranger. I hope you have a beautiful, magical day.