Lines in Gold

The initial concept for this piece was to create something that could be carried in your pocket and taken home as a souvenir. In an effort to highlight the beautiful imagery, I wanted to create a fold-out layout, allowing the images to be larger than the size of the piece itself. This was immediately challenging because folding a spread meant that half of the oversized image would appear on the following pages.

This also meant that the entire layout needed to be planned specifically before it was designed. Because the pages fold one way through the first half and the other way through the second, the layout needed to include a “centerfold.” After studying the content, I planned the layout in two directions at once: from the first page to centerfold, and from the last page to the centerfold.

Once the layout was planned, I chose the appropriate imagery for the fold-out pages. They needed to be wide and detailed. This gave me direction for both the text layout and where to add additional imagery.

My first design was created at 11 inches wide (including the folded area), which was far too small. I redesigned the layout to be 14 inches wide, and 5 ½ inches tall, which would fold to a 3½” x 5½” booklet, the exact same size as a Scout Book.

Once the layout was compete, I began to add the text areas. In order for them to fit within the “2 page” inside fold, it was necessary to split the copy into readable chunks. I also interspersed large quotes to break up any “wall of text” effect. I chose Luxury Diamond for titles and Arno Pro for copy. Both are serifed typefaces, which seem appropriate companions to Arabic script.