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SLT Telecom

SLT Telecom (SLT) is a small business startup specializing in the installation of satellite television and home audio/video packages. Under the guidance of MESO, a Portland based non-profit, SLT developed a business plan, mission statement, and is working toward becoming a standout business in a crowded field of competitors through superior customer service and product knowledge.

SLT was formed by Shukree Dawan, a Portland native with nearly five years of industry experience running a one-man sales, marketing, installation, and customer support operation. Having seen the industry from many sides gives Shukree a unique opportunity to provide his customers with the very best service and value. A testament to the quality of Shukree’s work is that over half his business is gained through referrals.

Shukree’s bold and friendly approach to nearly everything he does makes him a superhero in a field of amateurs. This identity and brand strategy is designed to highlight these qualities and promote trust in customers and potential clients.

You can download the identity guide here, or flip through it below.