In the tradition of early English coffeehouses, Whitehall will exhibit an open, progressive, and comfortable atmosphere. The decor and branding will be fashioned after 18th century British symbolism, with an air of ironic nobility. Along with couches and small tables (common to modern day coffee shops), seating will include long, communal tables.

While serving traditional coffee drinks, Whitehall will also offer other beverages typical of an era when exotic drinks were imported from around the world. This will include drinking chocolate imported from South America and the Caribbean, brewed soft drinks using Chinese ginger and burdock, and teas from several continents.

Employees are well-versed in current beverage offerings, including their origin and history. A typical employee will be lively, enthusiastic, personable, and will take an active roll in general conversations. Patrons, as well, are encouraged to be talkative and energetic.